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414 Fluid Mechanics Q14.32 Clap your shoe or wallet over the hole, or a seat cushion, or your hand. Anything that can sustain a force on the order of 100 N is strong enough to cover the hole and greatly slow down the escape of the cabin air. You need not worry about the air rushing out instantly, or about your body being “sucked” through the hole, or about your blood boiling or your body exploding. If the cabin pressure drops a lot, your ears will pop and the saliva in your mouth may boil—at body temperature—but you will still have a couple of minutes to plug the hole and put on your emergency oxygen mask. Passengers who have been drinking carbonated beverages may find that the carbon dioxide suddenly comes out of solution in their stomachs, distending their vests, making them belch, and all but frothing from their ears; so you might warn them of this effect. SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS Section 14.1 Pressure P14.1 MV == L N M O Q P ρπ iron 3 kg m m 7860 4 3
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