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radio show dissing Harding - 200 million dollars by selling...

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Greetings, fellow citizens of the United States of America. As you remember, when Warren G. Harding ran for presidency in 1920, he promised a "return to normalcy" for you, the American people. His relaxed gestures, easy-going nature, and charismatic personality made him seem like the perfect presidential candidate at the time. But we were in for a surprise. Harding appointed the infamous "Ohio Gang," a bunch of his poker-playing friends, to important political positions, despite their lack of qualifications. Charles "Doc" Sawyer. ..Daniel Crissinger. ..Charles Forbes. ..Albert B. Fall. ..These are all political officials appointed by Harding, and they were all part of scandals while in office. In the all-too-familiar Medical Supply Scandal, Charles Forbes cost taxpayers over
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Unformatted text preview: 200 million dollars by selling medical supplies from veteran hospitals and keeping the profit for himself. Moreover, the Teapot Dome Scandal led to the arrest of Harding's crony Albert B. Fall for accepting over 300,000 dollars in bribes from private interest groups. He is the first cabinet member to ever go to prison. In recent news, President Harding's friend, Mr. Daugherty, was caught making bribes with a German agent. Just yesterday in court, he claimed immunity from a subpoena and from telling the truth. Rumor has it that if Calvin Coolidge is elected, he will demand Daugherty's resignation, and may throw a water balloon at his face. In front of his family....
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