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432_Physics - 434 P14.70 Fluid Mechanics Let s stand for the edge of the cube h for the depth of immersion ice stand for the density of the ice w

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434 Fluid Mechanics P14.70 Let s stand for the edge of the cube, h for the depth of immersion, ρ ice stand for the density of the ice, w stand for density of water, and a stand for density of the alcohol. (a) According to Archimedes’s principle, at equilibrium we have ρρ ice ice gs ghs h s w w 32 =⇒ = With ice 3 kg m 0917 10 3 . w 100 10 3 . k g m 3 and s = 20 0 . mm we get h == 20 0 0 917 18 34 18 3 .. . . af mm mm (b) We assume that the top of the cube is still above the alcohol surface. Letting h a stand for the thickness of the alcohol layer, we have aa ww gs h gs h gs 22 3 += ice so hs h w w a w a = F H G I K J F H
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