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Chapter 15 465 P15.66 (a) For each segment of the spring dK dm v x = 1 2 2 af . Also, v x v x = A and dm m dx = A . FIG. P15.66 Therefore, the total kinetic energy of the block-spring system is KM v xv m dx M m v =+ F H G I K J F H G I K J z 1 2 1 2 1 23 2 22 2 0 2 A A A . (b) ω = k m eff and 1 2 1 mv M m v eff F H G I K J Therefore, T M k m == + 2 2 3 π . P15.67 (a) Fj =− 2 T sin ± θ where = F H G I K J tan 1 y L Therefore, for a small displacement sin tan θθ ≈= y L and = 2 Ty L ± FIG. P15.67 (b) The total force exerted on the ball is opposite in direction and proportional to its
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