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481_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

481_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - Chapter 16 P16.32...

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Chapter 16 483 P16.32 Refer to the diagrams. From the free-body diagram of point A : F T Mg y = = 0 1 sin θ and F T T x = = 0 1 cos θ Combining these equations to eliminate T 1 gives the tension in the string connecting points A and B as: T Mg = tan θ . The speed of transverse waves in this segment of string is then v T MgL m Mg m L = = = µ θ θ tan tan and the time for a pulse to travel from A to B is t v mL Mg L = = 2 4 tan θ . M M D L /4 L /4 A B θ L /2 d d θ T M g θ A T 1 FIG. P16.32 *P16.33 (a) f has units Hz s = 1 , so T f = 1 has units of seconds, s . For the other T we have T v = µ 2 , with units kg m m s kg m s N 2 2 2 = = . (b) The first T is period of time; the second is force of tension. Section 16.4 Reflection and Transmission Problem 7 in Chapter 18 can be assigned with this section. Section 16.5
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