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491_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

491_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - Chapter 16 493 In...

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Chapter 16 493 In the frame of reference of the ground, once pulse moves backward at speed v v v 0 0 2 + = and the other forward at v v 0 0 = . The one pulse makes two revolutions while the loop makes one revolution and the other pulse does not move around the loop. If it is generated at the six-o’clock position, it will stay at the six-o’clock position. v 0 v 0 v 0 FIG. P16.64(c-2) P16.65 (a) Assume the spring is originally stationary throughout, extended to have a length L much greater than its equilibrium length. We start moving one end forward with the speed v at which a wave propagates on the spring. In this way we create a single pulse of compression that moves down the length of the spring. For an increment of spring with length dx and mass dm , just as the pulse swallows it up,
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