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Chapter 18 525 Q18.16 Walking makes the person’s hand vibrate a little. If the frequency of this motion is equal to the natural frequency of coffee sloshing from side to side in the cup, then a large–amplitude vibration of the coffee will build up in resonance. To get off resonance and back to the normal case of a small- amplitude disturbance producing a small–amplitude result, the person can walk faster, walk slower, or get a larger or smaller cup. Alternatively, even at resonance he can reduce the amplitude by adding damping, as by stirring high–fiber quick–cooking oatmeal into the hot coffee. Q18.17 Beats. The propellers are rotating at slightly different frequencies. Q18.18 Instead of just radiating sound very softly into the surrounding air, the tuning fork makes the chalkboard vibrate. With its large area this stiff sounding board radiates sound into the air with higher power. So it drains away the fork’s energy of vibration faster and the fork stops vibrating sooner. This process exemplifies conservation of energy, as the energy of vibration of the fork is
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