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Elliott Balsley 4.22.2007 Movie Response The Day After Trinity is a great movie. It is entertaining, and the story it tells is an interesting one. It’s a bit unusual to hear so much about the ethics of historical events, and debate about whether or not it should have happened the way it did; in most history lessons, we are only presented with the facts, and there’s no chance to hear first-hand accounts and opinions. With that said, I must say, I disagree with the decision to drop the atomic bomb. Whether the decision was Julius Oppenheimer's, General Groves’ or anyone else’s, I think it was unethical. My reason is simple: one of the Ten Commandments of the Bible says, “Do not kill.” I take that to mean killing another person is wrong at any time, no matter what, regardless of how many lives may be saved, or how evil the person may be. For this reason, I think the entirety of World War II was wrong, and every other war,
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Unformatted text preview: for that matter. But I digress. As to whether or not Oppenheimer made a Faustian bargain, I think not. Oppenheimer was both a physicist and an American. As an American in the early 1940s, he wanted to beat the Japanese and win the war, with as few dead American soldiers as possible. As a physicist, he wanted to use knowledge and technology to the United States’ advantage, to win the war in the best way possible. Personally, I think the idea of killing Japanese people is wrong, but Oppenheimer would disagree with me on that. So by building an atomic bomb, he was helping what he thought was a good cause. He was very lucky that General Groves gave him so many resources, people and money for his project, but he didn’t have to sacrifice his morals, so it wasn’t a Faustian bargain....
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