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Chapter 18 537 Section 18.4 Resonance P18.32 The natural frequency is f T g L == = = 11 2 1 2 980 200 0352 ππ . . . ms m Hz 2 . The big brother must push at this same frequency of . H z to produce resonance. P18.33 (a) The wave speed is v 915 366 . . m 2.50 s (b) From the figure, there are antinodes at both ends of the pond, so the distance between adjacent antinodes is d AA m λ 2 ., and the wavelength is = 18 3 . m The frequency is then f v = 18 3 0200 . . . m Hz We have assumed the wave speed is the same for all wavelengths. P18.34 The wave speed is vg d = 361 188 .. . m 2 ej af The bay has one end open and one closed. Its simplest resonance is with a node of horizontal velocity, which is also an antinode of vertical displacement, at the head of the bay and an antinode of velocity, which is a node of displacement, at the mouth. The vibration of the water in the bay is
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