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Chapter 18 541 Section 18.6 Standing Waves in Rod and Plates P18.49 (a) f v L == = 2 5100 216 0 159 a fa f . . k H z (b) Since it is held in the center, there must be a node in the center as well as antinodes at the ends. The even harmonics have an antinode at the center so only the odd harmonics are present. (c) f v L = 2 3560 0 111 a fa f . k H z P18.50 When the rod is clamped at one-quarter of its length, the vibration pattern reads ANANA and the rod length is Ld 2 AA λ . Therefore, L v f = 4400 116 ms Hz m . Section 18.7 Beats: Interference in Time P18.51 fv T ∝∝ f new Hz 110 540 600 104 4 . f = 564 b e a t s s P18.52 (a) The string could be tuned to either 521 Hz or 525 Hz from this evidence. (b) Tightening the string raises the wave speed and frequency. If the frequency were originally
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