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Chapter 19 551 Q19.18 The sphere expands when heated, so that it no longer fits through the ring. With the sphere still hot, you can separate the sphere and ring by heating the ring. This more surprising result occurs because the thermal expansion of the ring is not like the inflation of a blood-pressure cuff. Rather, it is like a photographic enlargement; every linear dimension, including the hole diameter, increases by the same factor. The reason for this is that the atoms everywhere, including those around the inner circumference, push away from each other. The only way that the atoms can accommodate the greater distances is for the circumference—and corresponding diameter—to grow. This property was once used to fit metal rims to wooden wagon and horse-buggy wheels. If the ring is heated and the sphere left at room temperature, the sphere would pass through the ring with more space to spare. FIG. Q19.18 SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS
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