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Chapter 20 593 P20.57 Qm cT V cT == ∆∆ ρ bg so that when a constant temperature difference T is maintained, the rate of adding energy to the liquid is P F H G I K J = dQ dt dV dt R ρρ and the specific heat of the liquid is c RT = . P20.58 (a) Work done by the gas is the negative of the area under the PV curve WP V V PV i i i ii =− F H G I K J =+ 22 . (b) In this case the area under the curve is d V z . Since the process is isothermal, PV P V nRT i i i F H G I K J = 4 4 and W dV V V V V V i i i i F H G I K J F H G I K J = z 4 4 4 ln ln 139 . FIG. P20.58 (c) The area under the curve is 0 and W = 0. P20.59 Call the initial pressure
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