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631_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

631_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - Chapter 22 633...

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Chapter 22 633 Q22.16 To increase its entropy, raise its temperature. To decrease its entropy, lower its temperature. “Remove energy from it by heat” is not such a good answer, for if you hammer on it or rub it with a blunt file and at the same time remove energy from it by heat into a constant temperature bath, its entropy can stay constant. Q22.17 An analogy used by Carnot is instructive: A waterfall continuously converts mechanical energy into internal energy. It continuously creates entropy as the organized motion of the falling water turns into disorganized molecular motion. We humans put turbines into the waterfall, diverting some of the energy stream to our use. Water flows spontaneously from high to low elevation and energy spontaneously flows by heat from high to low temperature. Into the great flow of solar radiation from Sun to Earth, living things put themselves. They live on energy flow, more than just on energy.
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