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Chapter 24 41 P24.50 (a) The charge + q at the center induces charge q on the inner surface of the conductor, where its surface density is: σ π a q a = 4 2 . (b) The outer surface carries charge Qq + with density b b = + 4 2 . P24.51 Use Gauss’s Law to evaluate the electric field in each region, recalling that the electric field is zero everywhere within conducting materials. The results are: E = 0 inside the sphere and within the material of the shell Ek Q r e = 2 between the sphere and shell, directed radially inward Q r e = 2 2 outside the shell, directed radially outward . Charge Q is on the outer surface of the sphere . Charge + Q is on the inner surface of the shell , and + 2 Q is on the outer surface of the shell. P24.52 An approximate sketch is given at the right. Note that the electric field lines should be perpendicular to the conductor both inside and outside.
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