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Chapter 24 43 P24.56 The sphere with large charge creates a strong field to polarize the other sphere. That means it pushes the excess charge over to the far side, leaving charge of the opposite sign on the near side. This patch of opposite charge is smaller in amount but located in a stronger external field, so it can feel a force of attraction that is larger than the repelling force felt by the larger charge in the weaker field on the other side. P24.57 (a) EA ⋅= = z dEr q 4 2 0 π ej in For ra < , qr in = F H G I K J ρπ 4 3 3 so E r = ρ 3 0 . For arb << and cr < , qQ in = . So E Q r = 4 2 0 . FIG. P24.57 For brc ≤≤ , E = 0 , since E = 0 inside a conductor. (b) Let q 1 = induced charge on the inner surface of the hollow sphere. Since E = 0 inside the conductor, the total charge enclosed by a spherical surface of radius must be zero. Therefore, 1 0 += and σ ππ 1 1 22 44 == q b Q b . Let q 2 = induced charge on the outside surface of the hollow sphere. Since the hollow
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