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52 Electric Potential Q25.8 No. The uniformly charged sphere, whether hollow or solid metal, is an equipotential volume. Since there is no electric field, this means that there is no change in electrical potential. The potential at every point inside is the same as the value of the potential at the surface. Q25.9 Infinitely far away from a line of charge, the line will not look like a point. In fact, without any distinguishing features, it is not possible to tell the distance from an infinitely long line of charge. Another way of stating the answer: The potential would diverge to infinity at any finite distance, if it were zero infinitely far away. Q25.10 The smaller sphere will. In the solution to the example referred to, equation 1 states that each will have the same ratio of charge to radius, q r . In this case, the charge density is a surface charge density, q r 4 2 π , so the smaller-radius sphere will have the greater charge density.
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