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793_Physics - Chapter 28 Q28.31 Three runs in parallel Two runs in series two runs Junction of one lift and Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Professor of

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Chapter 28 133 Q28.31 Two runs in series: . Three runs in parallel: . Junction of one lift and two runs: . Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, Professor of Physics at Heidelberg and Berlin, was master of the obvious. A junction rule: The number of skiers coming into any junction must be equal to the number of skiers leaving. A loop rule: the total change in altitude must be zero for any skier completing a closed path. SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS Section 28.1 Electromotive Force P28.1 (a) P = V R a f 2 becomes 20 0 11 6 2 . . W V = af R so R = 673 . . (b) VI R = so 11 6 6 73 .. V = I and
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