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821_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

821_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 29 Magnetic Fields...

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29 CHAPTER OUTLINE 29.1 Magnetic Fields and Forces 29.2 Magnetic Force Acting on a Current-Carrying Conductor 29.3 Torque on a Current Loop in a Uniform Magnetic Field 29.4 Motion of a Charged Particle in a Uniform Magnetic Field 29.5 Applications Involving Charged Particles Moving in a Magnetic Field 29.6 The Hall Effect Magnetic Fields ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q29.1 The force is in the + y direction. No, the proton will not continue with constant velocity, but will move in a circular path in the x-y plane. The magnetic force will always be perpendicular to the magnetic field and also to the velocity of the proton. As the velocity changes direction, the magnetic force on the proton does too. Q29.2 If they are projected in the same direction into the same magnetic field, the charges are of opposite sign. Q29.3 Not necessarily. If the magnetic field is parallel or antiparallel to the velocity of the charged particle, then the particle will experience no magnetic force.
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