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162 Magnetic Fields Q29.7 Since Fv B B q af , then the acceleration produced by a magnetic field on a particle of mass m is av B B q m . For the acceleration to change the speed, a component of the acceleration must be in the direction of the velocity. The cross product tells us that the acceleration must be perpendicular to the velocity, and thus can only change the direction of the velocity. Q29.8 The magnetic field in a cyclotron essentially keeps the charged particle in the electric field for a longer period of time, and thus experiencing a larger change in speed from the electric field, by forcing it in a spiral path. Without the magnetic field, the particle would have to move in a straight line through an electric field over a distance that is very large compared to the size of the cyclotron. Q29.9 (a) The q vB × force on each electron is down. Since electrons are negative, × must be up. With v to the right, B must be into the page, away from you.
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