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172 Magnetic Fields P29.37 Em v e V == 1 2 2 and evB mv R sin90 2 °= B mv eR m eR eV mR mV e B = = × ×× × 21 2 1 580 10 2 1 67 10 10 0 10 160 10 788 10 10 27 6 19 12 ∆∆ . .. . . m kg V C T ej e j *P29.38 (a) At the moment shown in Figure 29.21, the particle must be moving upward in order for the magnetic force on it to be into the page, toward the center of this turn of its spiral path. Throughout its motion it circulates clockwise. v B + FIG. P29.38(a) (b) After the particle has passed the middle of the bottle and moves into the region of increasing magnetic field, the magnetic force on it has a component to the left (as well as a radially inward component) as shown. This force in the x direction slows and reverses the particle’s motion along the axis. F B v FIG. P29.38(b) (c) The magnetic force is perpendicular to the velocity and does no work on the particle. The
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