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186 Sources of the Magnetic Field Q30.4 No total force, but a torque. Let wire one carry current in the y direction, toward the top of the page. Let wire two be a millimeter above the plane of the paper and carry current to the right, in the x direction. On the left-hand side of wire one, wire one creates magnetic field in the z direction, which exerts force in the ±± ± ik j ×= direction on wire two. On the right-hand side, wire one produces magnetic field in the ± k direction and makes a ±±± ik j ×− =+ ej force of equal magnitude act on wire two. If wire two is free to move, its center section will twist counterclockwise and then be attracted to wire one. 1 2 FIG. Q30.4 Q30.5 Ampère’s law is valid for all closed paths surrounding a conductor, but not always convenient. There are many paths along which the integral is cumbersome to calculate, although not impossible. Consider a circular path around but not coaxial with a long, straight current-carrying wire.
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