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847_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

847_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - Chapter 30 187...

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Chapter 30 187 Q30.12 Maxwell included a term in Ampère’s law to account for the contributions to the magnetic field by changing electric fields, by treating those changing electric fields as “displacement currents.” Q30.13 M measures the intrinsic magnetic field in the nail. Unless the nail was previously magnetized, then M starts out from zero. H is due to the current in the coil of wire around the nail. B is related to the sum of M and H . If the nail is aluminum or copper, H makes the dominant contribution to B , but M can add a little in the same or in the opposite direction. If the nail is iron, as it becomes magnetized M can become the dominant contributor to B . Q30.14 Magnetic domain alignment creates a stronger external magnetic field. The field of one piece of iron in turn can align domains in another iron sample. A nonuniform magnetic field exerts a net force of attraction on magnetic dipoles aligned with the field.
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