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Chapter 31 233 P31.57 (a) ε == Bv A 0360 . V I R 0900 A (b) FI B B A 0108 N (c) Since the magnetic flux BA is in effect decreasing, the induced current flow through R is from b to a . Point b is at higher potential. FIG. P31.57 (d) No . Magnetic flux will increase through a loop to the left of ab . Here counterclockwise current will flow to produce upward magnetic field. The current in R is still from b to a . P31.58 = A at a distance r from wire µ π = F H G I K J 0 2 I r v A v FIG. P31.58 P31.59 (a) At time t , the flux through the loop is Φ B B A ab t r t r + ° = + cos cos θπ af ej 22 0. At t = 0 , Φ B ar = 2 . (b) επ =− + d dt r da b t dt br B Φ a f (c) I R br R 2 (d) P F H G I K J −=
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