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32 CHAPTER OUTLINE 32.1 Self-Inductance 32.2 RL 32.3 Energy in a Magnetic Field 32.4 Mutual Inductance 32.5 Oscillations in an LC Circuit 32.6 The Circuits Circuit RLC Inductance ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q32.1 The emf induced in an inductor is opposite to the direction of the changing current. For example, in a simple RL circuit with current flowing clockwise, if the current in the circuit increases, the inductor will generate an emf to oppose the increasing current. Q32.2 The coil has an inductance regardless of the nature of the current in the circuit. Inductance depends only on the coil geometry and its construction. Since the current is constant, the self-induced emf in the coil is zero, and the coil does not affect the steady-state current. (We assume the resistance of the coil is negligible.) Q32.3 The inductance of a coil is determined by (a) the geometry of the coil and (b) the “contents” of the coil. This is similar to the parameters that determine the capacitance of a capacitor and the
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