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900_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

900_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 240 Inductance...

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240 Inductance Q32.8 A physicist’s list of constituents of the universe in 1829 might include matter, light, heat, the stuff of stars, charge, momentum, and several other entries. Our list today might include the quarks, electrons, muons, tauons, and neutrinos of matter; gravitons of gravitational fields; photons of electric and magnetic fields; W and Z particles; gluons; energy; momentum; angular momentum; charge; baryon number; three different lepton numbers; upness; downness; strangeness; charm; topness; and bottomness. Alternatively, the relativistic interconvertability of mass and energy, and of electric and magnetic fields, can be used to make the list look shorter. Some might think of the conserved quantities energy, momentum, … bottomness as properties of matter, rather than as things with their own existence. The idea of a field is not due to Henry, but rather to Faraday, to whom Henry personally demonstrated self-induction. Still the thesis stated in the question has an important germ of truth. Henry precipitated a basic change if he did not cause it. The biggest
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