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Chapter 32 241 Q32.14 When the capacitor is fully discharged, the current in the circuit is a maximum. The inductance of the coil is making the current continue to flow. At this time the magnetic field of the coil contains all the energy that was originally stored in the charged capacitor. The current has just finished discharging the capacitor and is proceeding to charge it up again with the opposite polarity. Q32.15 The oscillations would eventually decrease, but perhaps with very small damping. The original potential energy would be converted to internal energy within the wires. Such a situation constitutes an RLC circuit. Remember that a real battery generally contains an internal resistance. Q32.16 If R L C > 4 , then the oscillator is overdamped—it will not oscillate. If R L C < 4 , then the oscillator is underdamped and can go through several cycles of oscillation before the radiated signal falls below background noise.
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