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33 CHAPTER OUTLINE 33.1 AC Sources 33.2 Resistors in an AC Circuit 33.3 Inductors in an AC Circuit 33.4 Capacitors in an AC Circuit 33.5 The RLC Series Circuit 33.6 Power in an AC Circuit 33.7 Resonance in a Series RLC Circuit 33.8 The Transformer and Power Transmission 33.9 Rectifiers and Filters Alternating Current Circuits ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q33.1 If the current is positive half the time and negative half the time, the average current can be zero. The rms current is not zero. By squaring all of the values of the current, they all become positive. The average (mean) of these positive values is also positive, as is the square root of the average. Q33.2 V V avg = max 2 , V V rms = max 2 Q33.3 AC ammeters and voltmeters read rms values. With an oscilloscope you can read a maximum voltage, or test whether the average is zero. Q33.4 Suppose the voltage across an inductor varies sinusoidally. Then the current in the inductor will have its instantaneous
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