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Chapter 33 267 Q33.19 This person needs to consider the difference between the power delivered by a power plant and IR 2 losses in transmission lines. At lower voltages, transmission lines must carry higher currents to transmit the same power, as seen in Example 33.8. The high transmitted current at low voltage actually results in more internal energy production than a lower current at high voltage. In his formula V R af 2 , the V does not represent the line voltage but the potential difference between the ends of one conductor. This is very small when the current is small. Q33.20 The Q factor determines the selectivity of the radio receiver. For example, a receiver with a very low Q factor will respond to a wide range of frequencies and might pick up several adjacent radio stations at the same time. To discriminate between 102.5 MHz and 102.7 MHz requires a high- Q circuit. Typically, lowering the resistance in the circuit is the way to get a higher quality resonance. Q33.21 Both coils are wrapped around the same core so that nearly all of the magnetic flux created by the
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