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292 Electromagnetic Waves Q34.8 No. Static electricity is just that: static. Without acceleration of the charge, there can be no electromagnetic wave. Q34.9 Sound The world of sound extends to the top of the atmosphere and stops there; sound requires a material medium. Sound propagates by a chain reaction of density and pressure disturbances recreating each other. Sound in air moves at hundreds of meters per second. Audible sound has frequencies over a range of three decades (ten octaves) from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Audible sound has wavelengths of ordinary size (1.7 cm to 17 m). Sound waves are longitudinal. Light The universe of light fills the whole universe. Light moves through materials, but faster in a vacuum. Light propagates by a chain reaction of electric and magnetic fields recreating each other. Light in air moves at hundreds of millions of meters per second. Visible light has frequencies over a range of less than one octave, from 430 to 750 Tera hertz. Visible light has wavelengths of very small size (400 nm to
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