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Chapter 35 317 Q35.6 The stealth fighter is designed so that adjacent panels are not joined at right angles, to prevent any retroreflection of radar signals. This means that radar signals directed at the fighter will not be channeled back toward the detector by reflection. Just as with sound, radar signals can be treated as diverging rays, so that any ray that is by chance reflected back to the detector will be too weak in intensity to distinguish from background noise. This author is still waiting for the automotive industry to utilize this technology. Q35.7 An echo is an example of the reflection of sound. Hearing the noise of a distant highway on a cold morning, when you cannot hear it after the ground warms up, is an example of acoustical refraction. You can use a rubber inner tube inflated with helium as an acoustical lens to concentrate sound in the way a lens can focus light. At your next party, see if you can experimentally find the approximate focal point!
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