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332 The Nature of Light and the Laws of Geometric Optics Additional Problems *P35.45 Scattered light leaves the center of the photograph (a) in all horizontal directions between θ 1 0 and 90 ° from the normal. When it immediately enters the water (b), it is gathered into a fan between 0 ° and 2 max given by nn 11 22 2 2 100 90 1333 48 6 sin sin . sin . sin . θθ = = max max The light leaves the cylinder without deviation, so the viewer only receives light from the center of the photograph when he has turned by an angle less than 48.6 ° . When the paperweight is turned farther, light at the back surface undergoes total internal reflection (c). The viewer sees things outside the globe on the far side. 1 max (a) 2 max (b) (c) FIG. P35.45 P35.46 Let nx af be the index of refraction at distance x below the top of the atmosphere and nx h n == be its value at the planet surface. Then, n h x a f =+ F H G I K J 1000 . . . (a) The total time interval required to traverse the atmosphere is
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