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334 The Nature of Light and the Laws of Geometric Optics P35.51 (a) We see the Sun moving from east to west across the sky. Its angular speed is ω θπ == = × t 2 727 10 5 rad 86 400 s rad s . . The direction of sunlight crossing the cell from the window changes at this rate, moving on the opposite wall at speed vr × = × = −− 2 37 7 27 10 1 72 10 0 172 54 .. . . m r a d s m s m m s af ej . (b) The mirror folds into the cell the motion that would occur in a room twice as wide: = 2 0 174 0 345 mm s mm s bg . (c), (d) As the Sun moves southward and upward at 50.0°, we may regard the corner of the window as fixed, and both patches of light move northward and downward at 50.0 ° . * P35.52 (a) 45 0 . ° as shown in the first figure to the right. (b) Yes If grazing angle is halved, the number of reflections from the side faces is doubled. FIG. P35.52 P35.53 Horizontal light rays from the setting Sun pass above the hiker. The light rays are twice refracted
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