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Chapter 35 337 *P35.60 (a) As the mirror turns through angle θ , the angle of incidence increases by and so does the angle of reflection. The incident ray is stationary, so the reflected ray turns through angle 2 . The angular speed of the reflected ray is 2 ω m . The speed of the dot of light on the circular wall is 2 m R . (b) The two angles marked in the figure to the right are equal because their sides are perpendicular, right side to right side and left side to left side. We have cos = + = d xd ds dx 22 and ds dt m =+ 2 . So dx dt ds dt d d m = + = + 2 . FIG. P35.60 P35.61 (a) For polystyrene surrounded by air , internal reflection requires 3 1 100 149 42 2
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