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Unformatted text preview: 348 Image Formation Q36.15 As in the diagram, let the center of curvature C of the fishbowl and the bottom of the fish define the optical axis, intersecting the fishbowl at vertex V . A ray from the top of the fish that reaches the bowl surface along a radial line through C has angle of incidence zero and angle of refraction zero. This ray exits from the bowl unchanged in direction. A ray from the top of the fish to V is refracted to bend away from the normal. Its extension back inside the fishbowl determines the location of the image and the characteristics of the image. The image is upright, virtual, and enlarged. C O I V FIG. Q36.15 Q36.16 Because when you look at the in your rear view mirror, the apparent left-right inversion clearly displays the name of the AMBULANCE behind you. Do not jam on your brakes when a MIAMI city bus is right behind you. Q36.17 The entire image is visible, but only at half the intensity. Each point on the object is a source of rays that travel in all directions. Thus, light from all parts of the object goes through all unblocked partsthat travel in all directions....
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