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Chapter 36 351 P36.3 The flatness of the mirror is described by R =∞ , f and 1 0 f = . By our general mirror equation, 111 0 pq f +== or qp =− . FIG. P36.3 Thus, the image is as far behind the mirror as the person is in front. The magnification is then M q p h h = == 1 so hh 70 0 . in ch e s . The required height of the mirror is defined by the triangle from the person’s eyes to the top and bottom of his image, as shown. From the geometry of the triangle, we see that the mirror height must be: F H G I K J = F H G I K J = h p pq h p p h 22 . Thus, the mirror must be at least 35.0 inches high . P36.4 A graphical construction produces 5 images, with images I 1 and I 2 directly into the mirrors from the object O , and OI I ,, 34 bg and III 215 forming the vertices of equilateral triangles. FIG. P36.4 P36.5 (1) The first image in the left mirror is 5.00 ft behind the mirror, or 10 0 f t from the position of
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