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Frank De Francesco 206535256 The purpose of these chapters is to identify the health differences between individuals. The objective of theses chapters is to classify these individuals’ health status and their role within the society in which they reside. The social setting beneficial to the improvement of an individual’s health is one that consists of community networks and relationships. Such social “support encourages healthy behaviours (good nutrition, good sleep and exercise habits, talking with others) and discourages unhealthy or risk-taking behaviours (smoking, alcohol abuse, reckless driving, sedentary lifestyles)” (Wermuth). Surrounding oneself with healthy relationships increases self-esteem and improves lifestyle. Durkheim has “found that socially isolated individuals were more likely to commit suicide than those well integrated into a network of social relationships” (Wermuth). However, not all relationships will lead to better
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Unformatted text preview: health. Cruel associations will lead to gloomy unhealthy manners; “[d]emeaning and abusive relationships surely are not conducive to good health” (Wermuth). In addition, social hierarchy plays a key role within a community, as well as on a global stage. In a community, social hierarchy can be seen through a number of definitions, such as money, height, education, living conditions etc. On a global scale, social hierarchy is defined with simple terms. Poorer “countries are often politely referred to as ‘developing’…” (Wermuth). However, there is a common link between community and global hierarchy when it comes to unhealthy behaviour. Developed countries have a healthier lifestyle, whereas developing countries have diseases, poverty and higher death rates. Tactics to improve health and lifestyle have positive effects, however, one can not always follow these tactics because there are negative impacts as well....
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