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1041_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

1041_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 382 Interference...

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382 Interference of Light Waves Q37.7 As water evaporates from the ‘soap’ bubble, the thickness of the bubble wall approaches zero. Since light reflecting from the front of the water surface is phase-shifted 180° and light reflecting from the back of the soap film is phase-shifted 0°, the reflected light meets the conditions for a minimum. Thus the soap film appears black, as in the illustration accompanying textbook Example 37.5, “Interference in a Wedge-Shaped Film.” Q37.8 If the film is more than a few wavelengths thick, the interference fringes are so close together that you cannot resolve them. Q37.9 If R is large, light reflecting from the lower surface of the lens can interfere with light reflecting from the upper surface of the flat. The latter undergoes phase reversal on reflection while the former does not. Where there is negligible distance between the surfaces, at the center of the pattern you will see a dark spot because of the destructive interference associated with the 180° phase shift. Colored
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