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410 Diffraction Patterns and Polarization Q38.17 The fine hair blocks off light that would otherwise go through a fine slit and produce a diffraction pattern on a distant screen. The width of the central maximum in the pattern is inversely proportional to the distance across the slit. When the hair is in place, it subtracts the same diffraction pattern from the projected disk of laser light. The hair produces a diffraction minimum that crosses the bright circle on the screen. The width of the minimum is inversely proportional to the diameter of the hair. The central minimum is flanked by narrower maxima and minima. Measure the width 2 y of the central minimum between the maxima bracketing it, and use Equation 38.1 in the form y La = λ to find the width a of the hair. Q38.18 The condition for constructive interference is that the three radio signals arrive at the city in phase. We know the speed of the waves (it is the speed of light c ), the angular bearing θ of the city east of
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