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Chapter 38 423 P38.49 Let the first sheet have its axis at angle θ to the original plane of polarization, and let each further sheet have its axis turned by the same angle. The first sheet passes intensity I max cos 2 . The second sheet passes I max cos 4 and the n th sheet lets through II n max max cos . 2 090 where = ° 45 n . Try different integers to find cos . 25 45 5 0885 × ° F H G I K J = cos . 26 45 6 0902 × ° F H G I K J = . (a) So n = 6 (b) 750 . P38.50 Consider vocal sound moving at 340 m/s and of frequency 3 000 Hz. Its wavelength is λ == = v f 340 3000 0113 ms Hz m .. If your mouth, for horizontal dispersion, behaves similarly to a slit 6.00 cm wide, then am sin θλ = predicts no diffraction minima. You are a nearly isotropic source of this sound. It spreads out from you nearly equally in all directions. On the other hand, if you use a megaphone with width 60.0 cm at its wide end, then sin = predicts the first diffraction minimum at
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