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42 CHAPTER OUTLINE 42.1 Atomic Spectra of Gases 42.2 Early Models of the Atom 42.3 Bohr’s Model of the Hydrogen Atom 42.4 The Quantum Model of the Hydrogen Atom 42.5 The Wave Functions of Hydrogen 42.6 Physical Interpretation of the Quantum Numbers 42.7 The Exclusion Principle and the Periodic Table Visible and X-ray 42.8 More on Atomic Spectra: Spontaneous and 42.9 Stimulated Transitions 42.10 Lasers Atomic Physics ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q42.1 Neon signs emit light in a bright-line spectrum, rather than in a continuous spectrum. There are many discrete wavelengths which correspond to transitions among the various energy levels of the neon atom. This also accounts for the particular color of the light emitted from a neon sign. You can see the separate colors if you look at a section of the sign through a diffraction grating, or at its reflection in a compact disk. A spectroscope lets you read their wavelengths. Q42.2
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