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534 Atomic Physics *P42.51 (a) The light in the cavity is incident perpendicularly on the mirrors, although the diagram shows a large angle of incidence for clarity. We ignore the variation of the index of refraction with wavelength. To minimize reflection at a vacuum wavelength of 632.8 nm, the net phase difference between rays (1) and (2) should be 180°. There is automatically a 180° shift in one of the two rays upon reflection, so the extra distance traveled by ray (2) should be one whole wavelength: 1 2 SiO 2 FIG. P42.51 2 2 632 8 217 t n t n = == = λ . nm 21 .458 nm af (b) The total phase difference should be 360°, including contributions of 180° by reflection and 180° by extra distance traveled
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