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574 Nuclear Structure *P44.12 (a) For even Z , even N , even A , the list begins 2 4 He, 6 12 C, and ends 78 194 Pt , 78 196 Pt, 80 202 Hg , 82 208 Pb, containing 48 isotopes. (b) The whole even Z , odd N , odd A list is 4 9 Be, 54 129 Xe, 78 195 Pt, with 3 entries. (c) The odd Z , even N , odd A list has 46 entries, represented as 1 1 H, 3 7 Li, , 81 203 Tl, 81 205 Tl, 83 209 Bi. (d) The odd Z , odd N , even A list has 1 entry, 7 14 N. Do not be misled into thinking that nature favors nuclei with even numbers of neutrons. The form of the question here forces a count with essentially equal numbers of odd- Z and even- Z nuclei. If we counted all of the stable nuclei we would find many even-even isotopes but also lots of even- Z odd- N nuclei and odd- Z even- N nuclei; we would find roughly equal numbers of these two kinds of odd- A nuclei. A nucleus with one odd neutron is no more likely to be unstable than a nucleus with
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