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Chapter 45 597 Q45.16 Sometimes the references are oblique indeed. Some must serve for more than one form of energy or mode of transfer. Here is one list: kinetic: ocean currents rotational kinetic: Earth turning gravitational: water lifted up elastic: Elastic energy is necessary for sound, listed below. internal: by contrast to a chilly night; or in forging a chain chemical: flames sound: thunder electrical transmission: lightning electromagnetic radiation: heavens blazing; lightning atomic electronic: In the blazing heavens, stars have different colors because of different predominant energy losses by atoms at their surfaces. nuclear: The blaze of the heavens is produced by nuclear reactions in the cores of stars. Remarkably, the word “energy” in this translation is an anachronism. Goethe wrote the song a few years before Thomas Young coined the term. SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS Section 45.1 Interactions Involving Neutrons Section 45.2 Nuclear Fission *P45.1 The energy is 330 10 1 235 0387 10 19 . . × × F H G I K J F H G I K J × F H G I K J F H G I K J = J 1 eV 1.60 10 J U - 235 nucleus 208 MeV g 6.02 10 nucleus M 10
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