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46 CHAPTER OUTLINE 46.1 The Fundamental Forces in Nature 46.2 Positrons and Other Antiparticles 46.3 Mesons and the Beginning of Particle Physics 46.4 Classification of Particles 46.5 Conservation Laws 46.6 Strange Particles and Strangeness 46.7 Making Elementary Particles and Measuring Their 46.8 Finding Patterns in the Properties Particles 46.9 Quarks 46.10 Multicolored Quarks 46.12 The Cosmic Connection 46.11 The Standard Model Problems and Perspectives 46.13 Particle Physics and Cosmology ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q46.1 Strong Force—Mediated by gluons. Electromagnetic Force—Mediated by photons. Weak Force—Mediated by W + , W , and Z 0 bosons. Gravitational Force—Mediated by gravitons. Q46.2 The production of a single gamma ray could not satisfy the law of conservation of momentum, which must hold true in this—and every—interaction. Q46.3 In the quark model, all hadrons are composed of smaller units called quarks. Quarks have a fractional electric charge and a baryon number of
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