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Chapter 46 635 P46.35 ΣΣ 0 +→ ++ + p γ X d d su u d u d s0? +→+ + The left side has a net 3d, 2u and 1s. The right-hand side has 1d, 1u, and 1s leaving 2d and 1u missing. The unknown particle is a neutron, udd. Baryon and strangeness numbers are conserved. P46.36 Compare the given quark states to the entries in Tables 46.4 and 46.5: (a) suu = + Σ (b) ud = π (c) sd K 0 = (d) ssd = Ξ P46.37 (a) uud: charge =− F H G I K J +− F H G I K J + F H G I K J 2 3 2 3 1 3 ee e e . This is the antiproton . (b) udd: charge F H G I K J + F H G I K J + F H G I K J = 2 3 1 3 1 3 0 eee . This is the antineutron . Section 46.12 The Cosmic Connection P46.38 Section 39.4 says ff vc a a observer source = +
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