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644 Particle Physics and Cosmology P46.65 (a) The mediator of this weak interaction is a Z bo son 0 . (b) The Feynman diagram shows a down quark and its antiparticle annihilating each other. They can produce a particle carrying energy, momentum, and angular momentum, but zero charge, zero baryon number, and, it may be, no color charge. In this case the product particle is a photon . FIG. P46.65 For conservation of both energy and momentum in the collision we would expect two photons; but momentum need not be strictly conserved, according to the uncertainty principle, if the photon travels a sufficiently short distance before producing another matter- antimatter pair of particles, as shown in Figure P46.65. Depending on the color charges of the d and d quarks, the ephemeral particle could also be a
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