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11-Final Exam Review Questions

11-Final Exam Review Questions - GEOL 3413 Final Exam...

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1 of 4 GEOL 3413 - Final Exam Review The Final Exam will emphasize the concepts we have covered since the 2nd Exam. There will be some questions over material that was covered in Exam 1 and Exam 2. Questions covering Exam 1 and Exam 2 material will be taken from topics on those exams. Lecture 17 – Reservoir Estimates 1. Know the 4 basic methods for estimating reservoir volume 2.Volumetrics are calculated from combination of isopach and structure map 3. Be able to calculate Oil in Place (slide 8) 4. Calculate Recoverable GAS using the formula (slide 11): Recoverable Gas = rock volume • 43,560 • ø • S hc • RE FVF gas 5. Calculate recoverable OIL using the formula (slide 12): Recoverable OIL = rock volume • 7,758 • ø • S hc • RE FVF oil 6. Know list of “Uncertainty Definitions”, e.g. Reserves, Proved Reserves, Unproven reserves, Probable reserves, Possible reserves 7. Know the difference between an isopach map and an isolith map 8. Be able to complete a subsurface structure map 9. Given a structure map with an oil/water contact and a sand isopach overlay - be able to indicate on the map the oil productive area for the sand 10. Be able to determine gross sand thickness and net sand thickness (slide 20) 11. Know how to use the Trapezoid Rule to calculate bulk volume: BV = (h/2) [A 0 + 2A 1 + 2 A 2 + . . .+ 2A n-1 + A n ] + h n A n /2 Lecture 18 – Drilling 1. Know the names of the parts of a drilling rig system 2. Know the types of casing used to drill and complete a well 3. Know reasons for setting intermediate casing.
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