sample-exam1 - b b b θ 8 2 (a) Find the radian measure of...

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Sample Exam for Exam 1 1. Convert 14 . 386 into degree-minute-second form. Give your answer correct to the nearest second. 2. A circle has radius 5 . 20 meters. Find the length of the arc on the circle that subtends a central angle of 8 . Answer in centimeters to the nearest centimeter. 3. Use a calculator to evaluate each of the following. Round your answers to three decimal places. (a) tan(56 . 78 ) (b) csc(5 ) (c) cos 1 (0 . 375) (d) sin(100) 4. The ±gure below shows a right triangle with an unknown length h and an unknown angle α . α 5 . 00 5 . 35 h (a) Find the length h . Round your answer to two decimal places. (b) Find the angle α . Round your answer to one decimal place. 5. On the circle shown below, sketch the angles 210 and 240 in standard position. The center of the circle and the horizontal and vertical directions are included in the ±gure for convenience. b 6. This question refers to the ±gure shown below. The angle θ is subtended by an arc of length 8 on a circle of radius 2. (Treat these distances as exact.)
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Unformatted text preview: b b b θ 8 2 (a) Find the radian measure of the angle θ . (b) Convert the radian value you found in part (a) to degrees. Answer to the nearest de-gree. 7. The angle ψ is a second quadrant angle and tan( ψ ) =-5 3 . (a) Draw a fgure that illustrates one possible angle ψ in standard position. (b) Determine the exact value oF cot( ψ ). (c) Determine the exact value oF sin( ψ ). 8. Do the Following. (a) Draw the reFerence triangle oF 120 ◦ . (b) ±ind the reFerence angle oF 120 ◦ . (c) Determine the exact value oF tan(120 ◦ ). 9. An small airplane is ²ying at an altitude oF 6 , 000 Feet. An observer measures the angle oF elevation oF the plane From ground level to be 53 ◦ . (a) Draw a fgure to illustrate the situation. (b) What is the line-oF-sight distance between the observer and the airplane? Answer in Feet to the nearest hundred Feet....
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sample-exam1 - b b b θ 8 2 (a) Find the radian measure of...

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