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Solution - Math minus HLEZ [email protected]'2 ’i'mm[Prim K121 Nuie...

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Unformatted text preview: Math minus]; HLEZ 2m] @2111? '2- ’i'mm' [Prim]: K121, Nuie: 5'13:qu all yrm-i- myrk. 13%.} mgifli‘ve :1 fail credit. Quad luck! J. [.I ':II.'I:I'I|."_5.] Cum-w! ?f]"-’J‘.T'32IJ” m i'lrgcimnl degree. Huuml 'yilur anfiwfii' in three. mhrnr'ijIJtLJ plume; lFl If I? 5 [J . I; W9HJEurrTorIF?+LD 5 E! '1 '1 m =TD*(55)’ :sfiun) .E'TDJR‘FW U 2. I}; [mu-.15.} 31.111[.‘H].'.=w thht If? is Hm r'iL'LiunIf'i-zrence LH' F1 given j.'er-]_{*.'£[1'|El that. H MK] .4.- r|.|'r- Ehr- :‘fil'ltl'fl'l much: in m! tl'u? -:LL'I.- 19:19.sz r1 glue-u 5.4mm]- n’r' the dét'nln. t'hfif]¢_c+.'i‘-'F,‘J_‘p'. If C' = UK] um run. H -= 3U” I'nm: HHII |'-:e- uni lengl h .4. Ehnmd ‘.'L'}'_u' misman- Lo 1.119. “Hare-31. mnfflmater. L._C ":3, S -= fl” _ a?" — --—-— ~ DD 5612’ l i ll LMW .25. (.3 points.) A flagpole E-hELE i5 15 ft high man: a 32 FL Shadow. hi! the smie th‘nn! a1. second ring-ppm- 11351.5 "El- r|3_ fr. 5:11;“in Hum.- ml: 15- th:}: aecoml flngm'fle? Hnum‘] yuur HIJHWfiT hu Elm-1 11H: 4.!31. fuut. wk A f 1 31ft 43p1 J. +5 :2; IE - 3}". 4-3 l5 ...
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