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Exam 1 Review - Why is knowing the center of origin of a...

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PLNT 1213 Fall 2011 Exam 1 Review Introduction What is a crop? Define agronomy Global Food Security What is food security? What is the Malthusian Theory? Why have its predictions not been true? What was the “Green Revolution”? Who is credited with facilitating it? What region did not benefit from it? What organizations are responsible for agricultural research in the developing world? Crops of the World Definitions: agronomy carbohydrate center of diversity center of origin center of production landrace lipid wild type Questions: What are three characteristics of a plant that would make a good crop? Why are crops good sources of food? How do plants store energy? What advances led to increased crop yields during the 20 th century? Be able to identify pictures of the twelve crops we studied.
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Unformatted text preview: Why is knowing the center of origin of a crop useful? Plant Morphology Definitions: adventitious root calyx complete flower corolla cotyledon dioecious species embryo endosperm fertilization fibrous root system flower imperfect flower incomplete flower internode lateral root leaf monoecious species node perfect flower phloem pistil plumule pollen pollination radicle root root hairs seed sepal shoot stamen stem stomata taproot system testa vascular system xylem Questions: What is the primary function of a leaf? Name three functions of the stem. Name examples of modified stems. What are some distinguishing characteristics of grasses and broadleaf species....
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